Show notches are the debatable smartphone design development du jour: whilst the Crucial Telephone beat Apple to the punch, the notch is the defining trait of the iPhone X, and, for higher or worse, it is being aped via a complete bunch of Android OEMs. Reactions were blended. In case you are no longer a fan, avert your eyes—ZTE has an idea it is calling “Iceberg” that includes no longer one, however two show notches: one on the most sensible, one on the backside.

ztes crazy iceberg concept has two display notches - ZTE's crazy'Iceberg' concept has two display notches

Twin notches may just permit for front-facing stereo audio system on a tool with minimum bezels whilst offering a uniquely symmetrical look. The identify Iceberg comes from the telephone’s building: all of the instrument is encased in a single seamless piece of glass, “which makes the telephone resemble a fraction of ice,” iF Global Design Information says. In step with German website WinFuture, even the fingerprint sensor could be below the glass coating.

Whilst trendy, a telephone utterly encased in glass turns out a slightly impractical. Any drop may just end up deadly, and upkeep could be tough at absolute best. The clear glass corners glance in particular inclined.

iF Global Design Information lists the instrument’s release date as “after 2018,” so if Iceberg does see a retail unencumber, it most probably would possibly not be for a while.