Take into accout how lengthy it took Google to make reminders paintings on Google House? I may not bore you by means of recounting the entire sage, however the wait used to be really extensive. No less than including new reminder options is not taking too lengthy. We heard some weeks again about location-based reminders in Assistant for telephones, however the House free up used to be “within the coming weeks.” For as soon as, Google in truth supposed “within the coming weeks.” It is are living at this time on a House close to you.

Environment a location-based reminder is simple—simply inform Assistant you wish to have to be reminded of one thing if you find yourself in a undeniable position. For instance, “job my memory to select up milk when I am on the retailer.” As a result of that is location-based, you will not be notified on Google House. That factor remains at house. As an alternative, you get the reminders for your telephone as you achieve the required location.

I simply examined this on my Google House and it labored superb. You’ll be able to specify a selected location or one thing extra normal. I advised it to job my memory of one thing once I move to Goal, and House mentioned it might job my memory on my telephone once I move to “a Goal.” Possibly that implies it’s going to paintings the following time Assistant believes I’m in any Goal retailer. Neat.