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The Pixel 2 charges much more slowly below certain temperatures, but it doesn’t tell you that

Battery developments have not saved consistent with efficiency enhancements, however the charging tech for topping the ones cells up has come a ways. Now, maximum telephones include some taste of quick-charging generation that guarantees to fill our capacious flagships in arbitrarily small classes of time. However on the subject of Google‘s Pixel 2 XL, it seems that its “Charging swiftly” notification is not at all times a correct remark. In low temperatures, Google‘s flagship will declare to be charging temporarily (10W+) when, in truth, it is in fact charging at not up to 4W. 

the pixel 2 charges much more slowly below certain temperatures but it doesnt tell you that - The Pixel 2 charges much more slowly below certain temperatures, but it doesn't tell you that

The Pixel 2 XL charging at underneath ~20°C (68°F)

We had been tipped off about the problem by means of a couple of of our readers, and even though stories and our personal exams most effective ascertain this for the two XL, we do not know if the smaller Pixel 2 may be affected.

None people right here at AP had ever individually skilled the issue, however this is because of the cases required to cause it. Seems, if the Pixel 2 XL’s battery temp is underneath about 20°C (68°F), as an alternative of pulling the utmost charging velocity (18W then falling to 10.5W), it’ll most effective pull Three-4W. Maximum confusingly, even if it is charging at sub-optimal speeds, the telephone will in fact declare to be “Charging swiftly,” which is a bit of deceptive.

In fact, we had to check out to substantiate this conduct ourselves. We would not be the Android Police if we did not test and evaluate our effects with different telephones (and cross a tiny bit overboard). If you do not want to learn in regards to the trying out technique I used, be at liberty to leap all the way down to the consequences segment.

Our personal trying out

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“That Robin is obviously expired,” -David

My research wasn’t strictly probably the most clinical. I wasn’t ready to be sure that each and every telephone was once charged at exactly the similar temperature, every warmed up at other charges, and my pattern dimension was once restricted. However, I used to be ready to breed the reported conduct on our Pixel 2 XL, and I did my perfect to check the opposite telephones I had available with a equivalent technique for comparability functions.

In all, we checked out chilly (sub-16°C/61°F) and room temp (24°C/75°F) charging conduct, as measured by means of my Satechi USB-C Energy Meter with the next telephones:

  • Pixel 2 XL
  • 2016 Pixel XL
  • OnePlus 5T
  • Crucial PH-1
  • Nextbit Robin

All telephones examined had been put within the refrigerator till their inner battery temperature reported round 16°C/61°F levels, at which level they had been every plugged into the meter fed by means of the Pixel 2 XL USB-C PD 18W charger. Values had been recorded, the telephones had been then disconnected and left to heat up till the interior battery temperatures reported above room temperature (24°C/75°F) values, at which level they had been plugged in once more and values once more recorded.

Up to I might have appreciated to have the display directly to show reported battery temperature for higher pictures, the prospective variance in charging velocity with the display on wasn’t appropriate.

The traits from those effects will have to be typically reproducible, however the stipulations of the check were not exactly lab-controlled, so YMMV. As an example, I made certain all of the telephones had been underneath a 50% price, however they were not all charging from precisely the similar baseline in each exams, and numbers reported by means of the meter can range a bit of because the units negotiate other energy ranges.


Charging Effects          
Pixel 2 XL Pixel XL OnePlus 5T Crucial PH-1 Nextbit Robin
Chilly Volts eight.94 eight.82 four.98 four.93 four.94
Chilly Amps Zero.43 1.25 Zero.71 Zero.eight 1.82
Chilly Watts Three.8442 11.Zero25 Three.5358 Three.944 eight.9908
Heat Volts eight.75 eight.87 four.91 four.94 four.95
Heat Amps 1.87 1.6 1.48 1.78 1.eight
Heat Watts 16.3625 14.192 7.2668 eight.7932 eight.91
Distinction in Watts 12.5183 Three.167 Three.731 four.8492 -Zero.0808

Word that those numbers are height charges. In some circumstances, those values weren’t straight away reached or dropped over the years.

In all, lots of the telephones examined suffered a small drop in height charging charges at less warm temperatures, except for the Nextbit Robin. By means of some distance the telephone to peer the biggest alternate, even though, was once the Pixel 2 XL, with a distinction of over 12W.

Remember, our trying out technique does go away a bit of extra accuracy to be desired. The sequential nature of the trying out (i.e., from chilly to heat the batteries did price a tiny bit because of being plugged in for trying out) and the impact of temperature at the battery itself (maximum units reported various ranges of price, much less at chilly temperatures and extra at hotter) imply you’ll most probably forget about the Three-4W distinction noticed by means of lots of the telephones. As an example, I spotted that the OnePlus 5T confirmed a primary drop in reported price at less warm temps that returned as soon as it had warmed up, and underneath 60°F/15.five°C the reported battery temp was once simply flawed.

This video wasn’t a part of the above trying out, but it surely demonstrates the problem.

Even though we settle for a Three-4W margin of error for adjustments in reported price affecting charging charges, the Pixel 2 XL stands with the exception of the pack in a distinctly unfavourable manner. For no matter explanation why, the telephone fees considerably slower at decrease temperatures. Worse, it does not tell you of this, proceeding to turn a “Charging swiftly” indicator, even if it is just charging at ~4W.

When we verified that the charging velocity at the Pixel 2 XL was once being misreported underneath sure temperatures, we reached out to Google for remark. Google showed with us that it is investigating adjustments to the “Charging swiftly” language that looks at the Pixel 2’s lockscreen. So, expectantly, as a part of a long term replace, your telephone may not let you know it is charging temporarily even if it is in fact no longer.

  • Thank you:
  • Christopher Aliapoulios and Kai Markeli

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