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Sprint employees are getting trained to talk about the T-Mobile merger

If the whole thing comes in combination, Dash shall be not more in identify and may have been absorbed into present competitor T-Cellular. Consumers may have questions and so they might flip to their respective carriers to invite questions.

 XDA-Builders has received a coaching pamphlet for the fourth-largest carriers’ workers that provides out the speaking issues selling the merger between the 2 telcos.

As with earlier rhetoric, the arguments right here closely depend on developing “the most productive national 5G community” and the innovation want to raise that in addition to massively advanced rural provider.

“This announcement is simply step one in an extended procedure of mixing our organizations, which we think to be finished within the first part of 2019,” the pamphlet says. “However not anything adjustments for now.”

Lacking from any of this article is an emphasis on decrease prices to shoppers as T-Cellular CEO John Legere driven when the settlement used to be first introduced. This shall be a tricky promise to execute on now not simply ultimately, however even with the quick time period because the build-out of the 5G grid will take in $40 billion of capital.

The excellent news for patrons of both service will have to this all spoil down: with the announcement of the merger, Dash and T-Cellular have signed right into a roaming settlement to permit their shoppers to make use of both community and that settlement will stay if the deal does now not shut.

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