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Smartphone glass types compared


Smartphone glass types compared: Unique Apparatus Producers, or OEMs, use quite a few other sorts of fabrics to make smartphone glass. To not be perplexed with the tech within the shows, we’re relating to the true glass that covers them.

Most current smartphones function some form of toughened glass face, the most typical of which is Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Much less not unusual is the Eastern-made Asahi Dragontrail glass; rarer nonetheless is a coating that’s now not glass in any respect, however Sapphire.

Apart from fabrics, there also are various constructions of glass. Whilst smartphones used to make use of a standard pane (2D) of glass, we’re extra frequently seeing curved monitors (3-d, like at the Samsung Galaxy Edge sequence) and flat monitors with curved edges (2.5D, like at the V30).

Let’s check out the more than a few kinds of fabrics used to give protection to monitors in your telephones and pills. We’ll discover probably the most variations between them, highlighting probably the most maximum fascinating and related main points.

Corning Gorilla Glass

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Gorilla Glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate glass manufactured by means of the New York-based Corning. Over the previous couple of years it’s turn out to be the emblem call of show glasses, turning into synonymous with sturdiness of shows. Corning designed Gorilla Glass to be scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, and crystal transparent to verify the most efficient imaginable image.

Gorilla Glass SR+

Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+ is a tumbler composite designed specically for wearables that mixes the mythical toughness, optical readability and contact sensitivity of Gorilla Glass with awesome scratch resistance coming near that of luxurious watch quilt fabrics.

  • Introduced: August 2016
  • Utility: Smartwatches, wearables
  • Reduces visual scratches
  • 70% higher harm resistance over earlier generations
  • five% higher optical transmission over earlier generations
  • 25% higher entrance floor mirrored image over earlier generations

Gorilla Glass five

Corning® Gorilla® Glass five – Corning’s newest glass design was once formulated to handle breakage – the best worry of shoppers, in keeping with Corning’s analysis. The brand new glass is solely as skinny and light-weight as earlier variations, however has been formulated to ship dramatically progressed harm resistance permitting progressed in-field efficiency. Corning® Gorilla® Glass five has been examined for efficiency when subjected to sharp touch harm.

In keeping with Corning, telephones with Gorilla Glass five can continue to exist drops of as much as 1.6 meters. Additionally, its tech can save you cracks in as much as 80% of falls onto extraordinarily laborious surfaces from heights of 1 meter.

  • Introduced: July 2016
  • Utility: Smartphones, pills, laptops
  • Hardness: 601-638 kgf/mm2
  • Advanced drop efficiency
  • Prime retained energy after use
  • Prime resistance to scratch and sharp touch harm
  • Awesome floor high quality

Gorilla Glass four

It was once the fourth era of Corning’s tech the place the corporate determined to take on the theory of being proof against drops. Keep in mind the ads for the Droid Turbo in overdue 2014? This was once the technology the place the uncrackable glass took off, giving telephones a miles harder coverage over shows. Two times as robust as its predecessor, it for sure modified the sport.

  • Introduced: November 2014
  • Utility: Smartphones, pills, laptops
  • Hardness: 489-596 kgf/mm2
  • Enhanced retained energy after use
  • Prime resistance to scratch and sharp touch harm
  • Advanced drop efficiency
  • Awesome floor high quality

Asahi DragonTrail Glass

smartphone glass types compared - Smartphone glass types compared

Dragontrail glass, like Gorilla glass, is an alkali aluminosilicate Japan-made by means of the Asahi Glass Corporate. The high-end of Dragontrail’s product line, PRO, if truth be told sports activities the next hardness ranking than Gorilla Glass five, in keeping with Vickers Hardness ranking. It must be famous that Corning and Asahi use other requirements to measure drop trying out, so it’s laborious to check them facet by means of facet.

Dragontrail glass is extra not unusual amongst mid-tier Chinese language-manufactured telephones, with Western-marketed ones favoring Gorilla Glass.

Dragontrail PRO

  • Introduced: September 2016
  • Utility: Smartphones, pills, laptops, TVs
  • Hardness: 542-672 kgf/mm2
  • Scratch-resistant, Crack-resistant
  • Extra excessive compression pressure to be had
  • Huge-size to be had
  • More than a few thickness
  • Upper energy than the normal product


  • Introduced: 2011
  • Utility: Smartphones, pills, laptops, TVs
  • Hardness: 595-673 kgf/mm2
  • Scratch-resistant, Crack-resistant
  • Prime compression pressure to be had
  • Huge-size to be had, More than a few thickness
  • 6 instances more potent than sodalime glass


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Whilst there isn’t a “name-brand” producer for Sapphire smartphone glass, it’s related sufficient to say right here. Somewhat than creating a telephone’s display out of glass, as is so not unusual, it’s manufactured from Sapphire – an exceedingly laborious (and therefore brittle) gem. Most likely essentially the most well-known smartphone with a Sapphire show is final yr’s particular version HTC U Extremely.

Despite the fact that it’s extraordinarily scratch-resistant, mitigating the will for a screen-protector, a Sapphire show could also be very brittle, and thus liable to shattering on affect. So whilst a Sapphire lined smartphone show solves one downside – scratches – it makes any other one – drops – worse.


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Appears like a buzzword, proper? Gotta be one thing some advertising exec made up and slapped on a smartphone’s field, no?

Whilst 2.5D smartphone glass is only aesthetic and ergonomic in nature, and not using a actual sensible utility, it does constitute a technological procedure in making great-looking shows.

Samsung’s Galaxy Edge and Word sequence use 3-d glass wherein all of the show curves, leading to curved sensors underneath the glass. However, 2.5D glass is totally flat on its face.

This permits OEMs to proceed to make use of generation like Corning Gorilla Glass with out bother. The additional zero.5D comes from the curved edges of the show that drape over the perimeters of the telephone, growing the bezel-less look that’s so widespread this present day. You’ll to find 2.5D glass on telephones just like the LG V30 and the Galaxy S sequence.

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