Since past due ultimate November, Nexus Participant house owners have had the irritating enjoy of erratic habits from the far off. After about five to 10 mins, the far off would apparently fall asleep. Urgent any button reasons the far off to blink for a couple of seconds, then optimistically reconnect. Whilst now not exactly damaged, the erratic capability from the far off has been some degree of ache for house owners of Google‘s streaming hockey puck. In spite of everything, Google is getting ready to roll out a repair.

Consistent with a put up from a Google worker, the problem stems from within reach software scanning being unintentionally became on for the Nexus Participant. The environment—and subsequently the repair—shall be dispensed in a server-side Play Products and services replace. At the moment, there is not any ETA for the rollout, despite the fact that for the reason that it’s only a environment toggle, in depth checking out must now not be a reason why for prolong.

Sadly, the Nexus Participant has now not won an replace from Android Oreo to the most recent eight.1, despite the fact that the house display screen and products and services APKs had been not too long ago moved to the Play Retailer. With the plain loss of life of the Nexus software program, no indications of a refresh had been detected.

rolling out google finally preparing a fix for nexus player remote sleep bug from last november - Rolling out] Google finally preparing a fix for Nexus Player remote sleep bug from last November

In a contemporary remark made at the factor tracker, this downside has been marked as mounted, with a consultant claiming that the correction is server-side and has now been launched. We are warned that you wish to have up to date Google Play products and services to get the repair, so you’ll opt-in for the beta channel right here or manually down the most recent beta replace at APK Replicate.