At the moment, many ads you have to be really other to stand proud of the group and get other people speaking. Nokia appears to be making an attempt this manner with its new advert, which includes a guru educating an rental renter in regards to the arts of minimalism and ‘Telephone Shui.’ In different phrases, Nokia is pushing its natural Android attitude.

The industrial stars “minimalist guru and celebrity vlogger Aapo Hämälänanainen,” who has one way or the other made his approach into a person’s rental and gotten rid of all of his issues (together with his roommate). Hämälänanainen then calms the person down, telling him that every one of his issues were not important. On the finish, he presentations up on Nokia’s line of natural Android-toting smartphones, appearing that their telephones have “the whole lot you really want.”

If you have got an additional 3 mins to spare for your day, the advert is price a view. You’ll be able to watch it by way of the embed above or the supply hyperlink underneath.