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No, OnePlus is still not sending your clipboard data to China

OnePlus cannot catch a spoil in recent years. Whilst it is made some reputable errors (eg. the bank card hack), there have additionally been some incidents the place hysteria took priority over commonplace sense. That used to be the case with the clipboard tale a couple of weeks again, and now there is any other clipboard-related accusation making the rounds. A Twitter submit claims OnePlus is figuring out and importing clipboard information like checking account numbers to a Chinese language server, however the corporate says that is wrong. The record in query particularly stops the OS from tracking sure forms of information, and it is not even energetic in OxygenOS.

The plain false impression comes all the way down to a record within the OxygenOS beta referred to as badwords.txt. You’ll get a rundown of what it accommodates within the Tweet under. Within the ensuing Reddit thread, maximum everybody used to be glad to hop at the bandwagon and blame OnePlus.

This time, the corporate is losing no time issuing a transparent clarification of the placement. Here is the legitimate remark.

There’s been a false declare that the Clipboard app has been sending consumer information to a server. The code is solely inactive within the open beta for OxygenOS , our world working device. No consumer information is being despatched to any server with out consent in OxygenOS.

Within the open beta for HydrogenOS, our working device for the China marketplace, the recognized folder exists as a way to filter what information not to add. Native information on this folder is passed over and no longer despatched to any server.

The allegation is that OP makes use of this record to spot information to add to a Chinese language server. Consistent with OnePlus, badwords.txt is in reality a blacklist record—it tells the OS to not observe matching information for its good clipboard carrier. You are most definitely no longer acquainted with that function as a result of it is just utilized in China as a part of HydrogenOS. It used to be initially evolved so as to get round blockading of competitor hyperlinks in Chinese language messaging products and services like WeChat, and there is not any explanation why to do this in the USA. So, the code is inactive in OxygenOS.

So, it seems like OnePlus’ simplest mistake right here used to be together with recordsdata from HydrogenOS within the OxygenOS beta. The code is inactive, however it is certain to confuse folks. Everyone seems to be staring at OP intently presently and able to imagine the worst, however the corporate did not do anything else shady together with your clipboard information. It is usually essential to bear in mind that is beta instrument. It is conceivable the inactive (and risk free) HydrogenOS bits may not also be within the ultimate instrument. Optimistically, OP can stay those builds separate one day to scale back confusion.

We will have to completely regulate instrument makers to verify not anything untoward occurs. Finally, we are trusting OEMs with numerous non-public information. On the identical time, let’s no longer get over excited and switch this right into a witch hunt.


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