Uninterested in paying your Amazon Retailer Card invoice via hand like a cave individual? A brand new Alexa talent means that you can set up your account—acting duties like checking your steadiness, reviewing fresh transactions, and paying your invoice—via speaking in your Echo software or app.

The Retailer Card talent will help you do just about anything else along with your card you’ll in a different way do with conventional on-line account control. Amazon suggests making an attempt the next words:

• “I need to pay my bank card invoice.”
• “Did my cost undergo”
• “When is my cost due”
• “What’s my minimal cost”
• “What did I lately purchase”
• “What did I remaining purchase”
• “What quantity of money have I spent in recent years”
• “What’s my fresh job”
• “What’s my account abstract”
• “How a lot to be had credit score do I’ve”
• “What had been my earlier fees”
• “I want assist”


new alexa skill lets you manage your amazon store card by voice - New Alexa skill lets you manage your Amazon Store Card by voice

Whether or not or now not managing your account via voice is extra handy is subjective, however telling your virtual assistant to pay a invoice for you is no less than novel. The brand new talent is to be had now.