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LG G6 also getting a new color, but it’s more Rose Gold than “Pink”

LG’s projected flagship hole for 2018 will grow to be actually obvious when we notice that every one we’re getting from the second-place chaebol are new colours for current telephones.

The V30 were given Raspberry Rose. It used to be actually magenta-like. This time, Dutch web page DroidApp has discovered footage of the LG G6 with a colour that is going by means of the similar “Raspberry Rose” identify, however, in reality, appears to be like extra like the colour the business saved abusing in 2015 (and 2016 and 2017), Rose Gold.

As with every new colour bulletins, no spec adjustments had been claimed. Then again, because the web page experiences, when the Netherlands has simplest been matter to black and silver colours for the longest time, this new colour might be a refreshing, if quiet reminder that the G6 exists. That mentioned, we’re now not certain how some distance this colour will cross all over the world.

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