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iPhone X 2018 LCD variant details, Honor 10 leaks & more

Watch nowadays’s Pocketnow Day-to-day as we communicate concerning the rumors of an iPhone X 2018 that sports activities LCD era, twin SIM functions, and might be considerably more economical. Then we communicate concerning the Honor 10 and a few of its fresh leaks as we get as regards to a imaginable match. A imaginable iPhone SE 2 follows as we listen a imaginable release date. 5G is subsequent because the spectrum will get nearer to a release now that the FCC is offering dates. We finish nowadays’s display speaking concerning the offers you’ll be able to in finding for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

All this and extra after the ruin.

– Very best Purchase shaves $350 off Galaxy S9 worth, $450 off S9 Plus with per month Verizon bills
– FCC prepares for 5G spectrum auctions from November
– Circumstantial proof mounts in enhance of coming near near iPhone SE 2 release
– Honor 10 design leaked in crystal transparent renders, specifications published as very similar to Huawei P20
– LCD iPhone now predicted to drop to $550, have a dual-SIM choice

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