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I Think There’s A Good Game In Here Somewhere, But I’m Not Going To Pay To Find Out

A little bit over a yr in the past, Madfinger Video games launched the unique Useless Cause, a free-to-play zombie shooter – I loved it. What precisely did I really like about it? It was once easy however amusing, and even supposing it sooner or later ended up as a free-to-play sport (it in the beginning value a buck), it’s worthwhile to have a sexy excellent time blasting hordes of the undead with out spending any cash in any respect, so long as you did not thoughts some grinding right here and there. It wasn’t easiest, however Useless Cause made me essentially enthusiastic about Madfinger’s long term endeavors, and so right here we’re with Useless Cause 2.

Useless Cause 2 makes use of the similar fundamental mechanics as its predecessor, however has addressed its one actual shortfall: a loss of intensity. Useless Cause, for all its amusing, did sooner or later turn into very, very repetitious. The linear issue curve additionally intended that you would succeed in some degree the place your grind to the following weapon improve were given see you later and was so important that it did not really feel such a lot like the sport sought after to take your cash because it did not have any longer content material to provide you with. This can be a curse for plenty of cell titles, in particular of the free-to-play selection – builders need you to stay taking part in so long as humanly imaginable (as a result of cash), but additionally know that past a definite point of issue or time invested, a reducing selection of avid gamers will proceed to advance within the sport. Thus, content material has a tendency to be intro-to-middle heavy, and temporarily tapers off previous what I might name the “top acquire level.” From an financial perspective, it is evident why. The issue for Useless Cause was once that the “PPP” got here some distance too early as a result of there wasn’t sufficient content material to stay issues fascinating.


Useless Cause 2, on the other hand, makes an attempt to unravel this in two tactics. First, it is tougher. So much tougher. 2nd, there’s undeniably extra content material, and extra pressure to advance the sport’s tale (which is in reality virtually decent).

Sadly, I might argue it virtually seems like a unfortunately wasted effort (no less than from a gamer’s standpoint), as a result of DT2 has succumbed to a deadly disease worse than undeath: greed.


There is not a lot to the execution of battle in DT2 – level at zombie, shoot at zombie, experience stated zombie’s comical dismemberment. No up to date mechanics like duvet or crouching, no large adjustments to the gun firing revel in. That stated, Madfinger did beautiful nicely with the fundamentals within the authentic Useless Cause. For all of the complaint one would possibly levy as a result of simplicity, the DT battle device may be very approachable, which is actually important in a free-to-play name, particularly when you find yourself within the cell FPS style.


Screenshot_2013-10-28-13-22-45 Screenshot_2013-10-28-13-04-56

However let’s step again, since the largest adjustments in Useless Cause 2 are in large part out of doors of the zombie-killing revel in. All of the mechanic of upgrading your guns and different apparatus has been overhauled into an admirably arranged homestead, aka the “hideout.” You in reality start the sport with a number of tale missions through which you rescue contributors of your resistance crew who then turn into the everlasting occupants of this hideout, crafting and setting up your more than a few anti-zombie sundries.

Guns and new pieces are unlocked both with gold (marvel!) or by means of discovering blueprints, which drop from tremendous zombies (extra on the ones assholes later). When you accumulate all of the items of a blueprint, you’ll be able to analysis the article in query thru the best member of your crew. If it is a gun, this implies you additionally get the gun as soon as the analysis is completed, fortunately. And sure, there’s a time component right here: whilst analysis and improve duties get started off at a quite blameless five, 10, or 20 mins, they temporarily turn into six hours or extra. You understand the place that is going, too – a speed-up button. Which prices gold.


See you in 6 hours. Or a couple of dollar fifty.

Predictably, your crew contributors themselves additionally require upgrades with a purpose to improve your guns or construct new, extra complicated ones, a lot of which can be all however explicitly important to advance within the sport. And, I am not kidding, your crew contributors’ upgrades require an improve. Thus far, all of those upgrades have used in-game money (received thru missions / level-ups), no longer gold (gold is a separate forex, as in DT1), however it is simple to look how all the revel in is insanely irritating as a result of this, or even a little complicated.


Be aware that M-16 point four is blocked till I improve the gunsmith. And prices $48,000. And 12 hours of ready.

The actual downside, even though, is that it’s all so unapologetically about benefit. Why do your weapon upgrades require upgrades in your crew contributors that then require an improve in your crew? As a result of cash. It does not make the sport extra stress-free, extra immersive, or more difficult. It simply makes it simpler at extracting forex from avid gamers. It’s totally with out style. And there’s not anything extra insulting to me, as a gamer, than an absolutely arbitrary timer whose simplest objective in life is to to be accelerated in change for cash. It is going past the already debatable free-to-play type and blatantly handicaps those that refuse to pay to play by means of depriving them of what they have got already earned with a large fats “screw you.” Sadly, the money-grubbing does not prevent there.

The unique Useless Cause had tremendous zombies of a kind, even though they have been moderately uncommon – seldom noticed out of doors of the survival problem mode. That was once high quality, they added a little of technique and complexity to the sport that compelled you to reconsider your battle means and reply successfully. In Useless Cause 2, I’ve to this point encountered 5 several types of tremendous zombies, they all extraordinarily disturbing and tough to kill, and no longer actually in a amusing manner. You spot, tremendous zombies are immune to just about each gun at your disposal. They absorb bullets unflinchingly, like an outdated visitors signal on a rustic highway.


A panzer – time to surrender.

Tremendous zombies are principally designed to get you in a state of affairs the place, with out the use of a consumable merchandise, you are going to die. Rampagers are the worst, charging at you at a excessive fee of velocity after which smashing you into submission. Kamikazes have an explosive barrel strapped to them, leading to insta-death in the event that they get on the subject of you. Radioactive scientists temporarily scale back your well being in the event that they get inside a definite distance. Vomitrons hurl blood clots at you with startling accuracy. Panzers can take extra fireplace than a concrete bunker. All of them have varyingly massive quantities of hit issues. I may lay down four clips of M-16 ammo right into a Panzer and I might empty possibly somewhat underneath 1/2 his well being bar. I simply sit down there and die if one seems in maximum ranges. It isn’t well worth the effort.

So, what kills tremendous zombies? Why, explosives after all! And the way does one get explosives? Cash! Explosive are non-replenishing consumables (versus ammo, which is) that should be bought out of your pleasant engineer. The issue is that the economics of explosives are obviously weighed towards the non-paying participant.


The common venture a couple of hours into the sport yields round $800-1100 of in-game forex. 2 grenades value $200. Your conventional tremendous zombie can most often be killed with 2 grenades and a few gratuitous lead expenditure, and every venture generally has 2 tremendous zombies. That is $400 a venture. Later, grenades turn into beautiful unnecessary towards tremendous zombies, and you have got to lodge to land mines or explosive chickens (sure, actually), which can be much more pricey in keeping with unit (land mines are $600 for three), even supposing venture rewards do not scale up all that a lot. You’ll improve your grenades (then they get dearer, yay!), however sooner or later you are going to get to some extent the place then you definitely need to improve your engineer (no longer tremendous affordable), after which, improve your whole crew (very pricey) so as to improve your engineer once more (pricey), after which improve the grenade once more (dearer).


I’ve a easy query: does this sound amusing to you? I have wasted such a lot time on this evaluation speaking in regards to the absurdity of in-game forex, however that is as a result of it is such an absurdly large a part of the sport. THAT’S BAD. If you need a really feel for a way pricey some issues are, let’s do some math.

Upgrading your crew to point four (permitting them get admission to to then be upgraded to point four in my opinion, so they are able to then make point four pieces), prices $40,000 in sport forex. 1 gold is the same as $300 of that forex (you’ll be able to’t purchase forex, simplest gold, which then you definitely convert). In order that’s 133 gold. The smallest denomination of gold you’ll be able to purchase is 150, which is able to value you $three [of real money]. Oh, and do not omit about that speedup, which is able to value you but extra gold (almost definitely someplace within the 100-200 vary), for the reason that point four tech improve has a 24 hour wait timer.

However wait, there is extra! You will have to improve your weapons, which quite temporarily reaches into the tens of 1000’s of greenbacks of forex for every by means of your 2nd improve on a specific weapon. Then there is the entire factor of issue. Your persona has a ranked revel in point, and the extra missions you do, the extra revel in you get. The upper your point, the tougher the sport turns into. This necessarily makes grinding a diminishing go back job, since you’re slowly making the sport tougher on your self. Sure, that is in reality what occurs.


Even on the $10 buy-in point, which is 1000 gold, I doubt you’ll have sufficient price range to get forward of the trouble curve for quite a lot of revel in ranges / 10 or so primary marketing campaign missions. It actually is that unhealthy at this time. Whilst I believe Madfinger almost definitely has some fine-tuning to do right here with a purpose to stay avid gamers glad, I additionally do not imagine they are going to budge that a lot within the close to time period. This sport was once obviously designed to generate income, no longer appease avid gamers.

You’ll, after all, use TapJoy gives to get some unfastened gold and provides your self some respiring room if you are looking to play with out losing any money, however your benefits will likely be short-lived.

Graphics, controls, and sound

Useless Cause 2 is rather spectacular visually, even though no longer leaps and limits forward of anything else we have noticed on cell thus far. The graphics are superb, however they are no longer the massive step ahead I believe the primary DT was once on the time it was once launched for Android.


Tegra four units get enhanced water and smoke textures, however even taking part in on an NVIDIA Defend – which is designed for high-intensity gaming and includes a integrated exhaust fan – body charges at the Extremely Prime graphics settings dropped into the kids when massive quantities of smoke or water results have been being rendered along the zombies. I needed to flip the graphics down for the sport to run utterly easily.


Controls in DT2 are very good. I have been the use of Defend more often than not, however I did take a look at it on a Galaxy S4 or even on a five” display screen it remained rather playable. The controls within the authentic DT have been very good on touchscreens as nicely (even though clearly a bodily gamepad nonetheless wins out), and again within the days prior to my Nexus 7 died, I bear in mind being pleasantly shocked at simply how usable they have been.

Sound results appear considerably extra numerous and of upper high quality than within the authentic, with voice performing in reality sounding somewhat skilled. Many portions of the sport function voiced-over narration, and your anonymous hero has a couple of Duke Nukem-esque catchphrases he intermittently mumbles whilst mowing down ratings of your undead foes.


This sport, for me, is ruined by means of the presence of in-app purchases. Whilst the unique Useless Cause was once explicitly designed to be approachable with out spending any cash in any respect, the similar clearly can’t be stated of the sequel. Useless Cause 2 is an try to monetize the informal target audience aggressively the use of an admittedly well-designed and intuitive shooter platform.

Given how overplayed the zombie style is, even though, and what sort of paintings clearly went into this sport, to me it is a bit unhappy to look the skill Madfinger obviously has for making video games poured into the sort of blatant cash seize. There may be such a lot doable on this sport this is totally squandered by means of timers, gold, and gameplay this is designed to frustrate avid gamers into making purchases. I might additionally like to indicate that my revel in will likely be more uncomplicated than most of the people’s – I have been taking part in DT2 with an NVIDIA Defend, which means an actual, top of the range controller. I am additionally no slouch in terms of gaming; I performed away maximum of my youth with Name of Responsibility, Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike, and a half-dozen different twitch-response shooters. This sport can be considerably tougher with contact controls, and I doubt I might have had the endurance to make it so far as I did with out a gamepad.

I’ve no doubt there will likely be “stability” updates to DT2 within the coming weeks and months, and that as time is going on (learn: money waft slows), Madfinger will get started easing up on avid gamers with a purpose to stay them within the sport. However for now, with a median score of four.three and over 500,000 downloads at the Play Retailer, it is the numbers that do the speaking, and the numbers say cash.

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