There is a new smartphone hitting the marketplace, and that suggests YouTube channel JerryRigEverything goes to get a unit to reduce to rubble. The Huawei P20 Professional is not to be had formally in the United States, however you are looking on the an identical of no less than $1,000 to get your arms on one. Is it going to wreck after you spend all that dough? Smartly, that is a large perhaps.

In case you are in any respect aware of JerryRigEverything sturdiness exams, the P20 Professional video can be very through the numbers. The display scratches at a hardness degree of 6-7, which is what you get on all different telephones with tempered glass. The P20 Professional additionally has glass at the again, and the rim and buttons are steel. That must make it a strong telephone. The bend check provides a wonder, although.

Apparently, the P20 Professional turns out to flex greater than maximum telephones when bent. The glass panel normally supplies a large number of structural integrity, however the telephone flexes such a lot that the glass on best of the display cracks. On the other hand, it does not impact the real show. The telephone nonetheless works, but it surely does not glance nice.

Huawei does now not put it on the market this telephone as having Gorilla Glass just like the P10. Thus, it can be any other hardened glass that flexes extra. The cracks additionally seem to emanate from the scratch check area, so the scratches could have weakened the panel. Nonetheless, that does not occur on telephones in different JerryRigEverything exams.