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How to disable Facebook photos auto tagging feature

Fb has an excessively nifty manner of notifying customers each time they get tagged from an uploaded picture. It might be one thing private or because of a meeting. For the general public, this can be a manner of complimenting the individual concerning the symbol or just as an act of calling the individual’s consideration.

However, alternatively, this may be a way of harassing an individual, in particular in circumstances when there’s malicious intent with the submit similar to within the act of cyber harassment.

In the past, having to get a notification about getting your symbol posted on Fb will require you getting tagged. A up to date trade with Fb, then again, nullifies this necessity through enabling a characteristic which helps you to get notified of any of your facially-recognized photographs getting posted in it through default.

Whilst there’s certainly a noble purpose to this option—this is, to stay you recent with the pictures of you getting are living in a social media platform—there may be the worry that it may also be used at your expense and consequential annoyance. For example, you’ll be able to simply get notified about any submit containing your symbol although it’s intended to malign.

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Fortunately, the builders at Fb additionally look ahead to the concept this new characteristic isn’t intended for everyone. As such, they positioned an possibility for any individual to toggle it off as they see have compatibility.


Admittedly, the characteristic has no longer absolutely rolled out but. Which means no longer everybody could also be getting this option at this level. However will have to you and to find it too intrusive to be anything else however dangerous for your self, right here’s how you’ll be able to disable Fb footage auto tagging: Pass to Settings > Timeline and Tagging. Search for the phase which says “Who sees tag tips when footage that seem like you might be uploaded?” From right here, merely set it to “No One.”

Have you ever attempted it out? If in case you have any questions or requests, tell us within the feedback phase and we’ll allow you to out.

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