Android 8.0 Oreo: The layout of Android construct numbers has been the similar for years, however it is converting in Android The primary non-preview model of Oreo simply rolled out with the brand new layout, which is a huge departure. Fairly than being 3 letters adopted via 3 different characters, it is cut up into 3 blocks of numbers and letters separated via classes. It seems to be complicated to start with, however you in truth get additional info from it.

Construct numbers for Oreo and later can have the next layout.

The P variable is the primary letter of the platform free up, so it is “O” for Oreo recently. The V is for the vertical, which in all of the builds you might be frightened about can be “P” for number one platform department. The BB characters constitute an alphanumeric code that issues to the precise code department used within the construct. For the primary Oreo free up at the Pixel, that is “R6.”

You’ll most definitely bet on the objective of the middle YYMMDD block simply from the layout. It is the date (yr, month, day) when the discharge was once branched or synced with the advance department. This would possibly now not essentially be the construct date as it is not uncommon to reuse the similar code for a couple of builds with out going again to the dev department. The “bbb” set of characters is solely a host that differentiates between a couple of builds with the similar date code. The Pixel is on zero12 presently.

hotfix supplement google changed the build number format in oreo heres how to read it - Hotfix supplement] Google changed the build number format in Oreo—here's how to read it

So, the Pixel’s construct quantity “OPR6.170623.zero12” implies that it is Android Oreo for the principle platform department from code department R6. It was once synced from the dev department on June 23, 2017, and that is the 12th construct with the ones variables. Simple, proper?

AP construct calculator

We’ve got up to date our Android construct quantity date calculator to grasp the brand new Oreo naming common sense. Plug in some of the new or outdated builds, and it will spit out the correct date.

Google has made a small tweak these days to how construct numbers paintings. They are able to now be appended via an non-compulsory two-character alphanumeric code that signifies and enumerates hotfix releases, ranging from A1.

So on the subject of PVBB.YYMMDD.bbb[.Cn], the bracketed Cn signifies a hotfix free up. For extra main points, you’ll be able to take a look at the related phase within the “Platform Codenames, Variations, API Ranges, and NDK Releases” phase of the construct numbers Android Supply article in “Android 8.0 Oreo“.