The default alarm tone for the Google House would possibly depart a tiny bit to be desired, however fortunately Google has simply presented another: you’ll be able to now set your subsequent alarm to play song as an alternative. So the following time you want to set an alarm for an impromptu nap or that chook within the oven, you’ll be able to be jerked again to consciousness with one thing a little bit extra entertaining.

The brand new function was once documented by means of Google on a beef up web page for the Google House, and it really works simply. Simply ask your House to “set a [music/media/radio] alarm at [time],” and the Assistant will reply by means of asking what tune you would adore it to play. If you let it know, the alarm is about, and you’ll be able to pay attention the asked tune on the set time. Easy, proper?

The one downside is this new function cannot be set as a default, so the faster “set an alarm at [time]” command will nonetheless use the usual alarm sound. And, understand that the song will probably be pulled from the account settings for the individual making the request. So when you use Spotify in other places on the similar time, that may be an issue.

google home can now set alarms with music instead of that obnoxious beeping - Google Home can now set alarms with music instead of that obnoxious beeping

The similar command does not paintings for the Assistant on a telephone, sadly.

We knew that capability like this was once coming someday quickly, in keeping with Cody’s research in a contemporary teardown. We will have to peer if this selection will get expanded someday, despite the fact that. For now, it handiest works on Google House units.