Zack from JerryRigEverything has transform well-known for his (rather excessive) sturdiness checks, and now he is in any case gotten his fingers on a brand new Galaxy S9 to place via its paces.

Beginning off with the scratch check, the S9’s display handiest starts scratching with a degree 6 select, and shows deeper groves at degree 7. That is completely on par with necessarily each different smartphone round (except for sapphire displays that handiest start to scratch at a degree eight), and approach the Galaxy S9’s show will have to grasp up superb in opposition to razor blades, cash, and keys.

The steel aspects of the S9 are patently no fit for a razor blade, however the Gorilla Glass five at the again of the telephone stays unscathed at makes an attempt to scratch it with the razor, similar to the entrance of the telephone. Glass is clearly extra brittle than plastic or steel, making it a lot more at risk of cracks, however the receive advantages is that additionally it is a lot more proof against scratches. Sadly, the fingerprint scanner is not coated in glass and takes rather a beating from the razor. On the other hand, Zack discovered that the scanner nonetheless functioned completely, regardless of the deep groves within the sensor.

galaxy s9 comes out impressively well after going through jerryrigeverythings durability test - Galaxy S9 comes out impressively well after going through JerryRigEverything's durability test


The Galaxy S9 fares fairly higher than different telephones relating to the burn check, with the pixels at the display recuperating rather after being subjected to a flame for twelve seconds. Nonetheless, the oleophobic coating at the display does endure some minor everlasting injury, so you most likely mustn’t put your telephone underneath a scorching-hot flame — in case that wasn’t already obtrusive.

The final trial for this deficient S9 is the bend check, to which it holds up extremely neatly. The structural integrity of the telephone most likely advantages from its forged aluminum body and the thicker-than-average Gorilla Glass five panes on the back and front. The glass on the back and front additionally remained solidly caught to the body even after being subjected to this quantity of abuse, so we will be expecting that it’s going to take rather so much to compromise the water-proof seal at the Galaxy S9.

For those who get pleasure from observing an blameless Galaxy S9 get tortured gratuitously, ensure to take a look at the video beneath.