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FBI busts Phantom Secure CEO for selling secured BlackBerry phones to drug cartels

There are a number of firms that supply encrypted and untraceable telephones to be used via the extra non-public figures amongst us, and Canada-based Phantom Protected is one in all them. Then again, its founder and CEO, Vincent Ramos, has been arrested via the FBI on a number of fees, all of which might be associated with promoting locked-down BlackBerry telephones to contributors of unlawful organizations such because the Sinaloa drug cartel and the Hells Angels.

Phantom Protected takes what seem to be BlackBerry 9720s and gets rid of the microphones, digicam, GPS, Web features, and customary messenger products and services. It then provides PGP and routes messages via out of the country servers. The corporate additionally has faraway wiping features within the case telephone is seized via government. It looks as if the corporate additionally gives Samsung Galaxy telephones, regardless that BlackBerry telephones are most likely extra in style and they are the one ones discussed on this document.

Phantom Protected’s two applications.

A heavily-redacted criticism via FBI Particular Agent Nicholas Cheviron was once filed within the Southern District of California ultimate Thursday fees Ramos of racketeering conspiracy to habits undertaking affairs, conspiracy to distribute narcotics, and helping and abetting. Ramos is on report as announcing “We made it—we made it particularly for this [drug trafficking] too,” to undercover brokers. The FBI has a minimum of one cooperating witness, a convicted transnational drug trafficker from the Sinaloa cartel, who was once a Phantom Protected buyer and used the corporate’s telephones to do their industry. The helping and abetting fee comes from stated witness, who allegedly used a Phantom telephone when organizing the delivery of 5 kilograms of cocaine.

Motherboard‘s nameless assets say that the operation was once performed in partnership with Canadian and Australian government, and that Phantom Protected telephones had been offered in Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela, in addition to to the Hells Angels. Canada’s Royal Canadian Fixed Police (RCMP) assisted via posing as drug traffickers whilst buying Phantom telephones, asking if sending messages like “sending MDMA to Montreal” can be secure (Phantom stated it was once “utterly fantastic”), and pretending that an go along with incriminating proof have been arrested and required a faraway wipe. More than one undercover brokers, posing as drug traffickers aiming to amplify their operations, met Ramos in Las Vegas in February 2017.

An estimated 20,000 Phantom telephones are getting used around the globe, about part of which might be in Australia, giving Phantom tens of tens of millions of greenbacks in income. That would possibly alternate with this document, regardless that.

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