Chrome has no less than five alternative ways so that you can reproduction the URL of a web page you might be visiting. Some of the obvious, despite the fact that, has all the time been very inconsistent: lengthy press. For a very long time, tapping and conserving at the deal with bar would on occasion make a selection all the URL and on occasion simply randomly make a selection a part of the URL the place you tapped. Alternatively, this is now not the case.

We aren’t positive when it began – I used to be ready to ensure the conduct was once there again in Chrome 62 solid, however it is going to have took place prior to that. Now whilst you lengthy press at the deal with bar, Chrome will constantly make a selection all the URL and display the floating textual content variety menu choices, letting you reproduction or proportion it instantly. In any case.

chrome now consistently selects the entire url when you long press on it - Chrome now consistently selects the entire URL when you long press on it

For folks like us (learn: most commonly Artem) who view loads of Chrome pages on a daily basis and want to reproduction and paste them in more than a few packages, this consistency is a boon for productiveness. In the past, we needed to hotel to sharing to “reproduction to clipboard,” or tapping the information button or the HTTPS lock button then tapping and conserving the URL to duplicate it. It could have simplest taken a fragment of a 2d longer, however the ones fractions added up over an afternoon, every week, after which years of doing the similar convoluted factor.

Once more, this has been the case since no less than Chrome v62, however we simplest simply spotted it so we idea we would can help you know… simply should you reproduction and paste URLs for a dwelling like a few of us right here at Android Police.