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An RPG That Truly Understands Mobile Gaming

Hexage has been creating some of the best games on Android since early in the platform’s run. It has a distinct style that has evolved through the years as Android acquired more graphical prowess. That leads us to the newest Hexage title, Reaper. This is a 2D hack-and-slash RPG with a casual style of gameplay and a ton of pizazz. Unlike some previous Hexage games, this one is not free-to-play. You can try it out, but you’ve got to make a decision about buying the full version. Is a casual RPG worth owning forever?

Bite-Sized Gameplay

Reaper does away with the more tedious, time-consuming aspects of role-playing games. Your inventory management is limited, quests only take a few minutes, and combat is pretty stripped down. At first it seems like Reaper is going to be too simple, but there’s something truly compelling about a well-made casual RPG like this one.

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The idea is that you’re the mythical Light Swordsman, awoken from an extended shut eye within the mysterious and magical Desolate tract. There are more than one forces struggling with for dominion over the Desolate tract. There are the Imperials, who come to combat with bronze armor and steam-powered conflict machines. Then there are the tribes of noble (and from time to time loopy) warriors local to the Desolate tract. In any case there are the beasts, at all times threatening to overhaul the land for themselves all over again.

You zip from position to position at the map, taking up quests and making choices. To start with it sort of feels that you find yourself in a combat it doesn’t matter what you do, however there is a bit more nuance to it. You in reality increase relationships with the quite a lot of factions and NPCs. One of the vital allies and enemies you’re making come again all over the sport, and the selections you made will impact what occurs.

I really like that you simply wouldn’t have to seek round forever for quests. Yeah, you do not get the similar “exploration” vibe from Reaper, however that is highest left to full-scale video games. Urgent the button within the decrease proper nook of the map view may even tactics ship you to the following factor, be it a brand new quest or the following location on your present one. You’ll additionally choose places manually if you want to hit the store or need to do a unique quest.

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Your swordsman earns revel in through the years and features ranges. You get to pick out a perk at each and every degree that would possibly building up your stats, or make a selected assault extra tough. The community of stores will also be used to shop for higher apparatus to enhance your personality.

Crafty Controls

When you’re taking up your sword, the sport performs like butter. That is 2D, so that you best have to fret about left and proper route buttons, which might be within the decrease left. All of the proper part of the display screen is a gesture house, however common assaults are brought about robotically whilst you get inside vary of an enemy. I used to be cautious of this, however it in reality works extraordinarily neatly. Hammering away at the baddies with usual assaults builds up rage, which is the place the gestures are available.

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The fad skulls are on the most sensible of the display screen. Every cranium equates to 1 gesture energy assault. You’ll swipe up for an up-swing, down for a slam assault, left and proper for a splash, and double-tap within the air for a spin assault. You’ll at all times leap and double-jump by way of tapping within the gesture house, and you can do numerous that to achieve flying enemies and keep away from projectiles. You’ll nonetheless pull off the gesture assaults when you find yourself out of rage, however you do not do as a lot injury or get the higher stun/important likelihood.

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When you’ve got a controller or an Nvidia Protect, the sport is absolutely supported for higher regulate. You’re going to most certainly dominate with actual buttons, however Reaper may be very, superb with contact controls – one of the best video games I have ever performed in that admire.


Simply glancing at Reaper, you possibly can realize it is a Hexage name. It has the feature sparkling and eerie lights results, but in addition the graceful strains and easy shapes from more moderen video games like Robotek. The textures are easy, however it suits with the blank taste. There’s simply sufficient element to paintings with the shading and lights results.

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This recreation truly avoids taking a look drab with numerous, colourful environments. The backgrounds are virtually pastel and in reality moderately gorgeous. There are forests, volcanic planes, ice caves, imperial outposts, and extra.

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The entire strains and edges in Reaper are flawless vectors. There is no such thing as a trace of aliasing or clipping any place. It is a surprisingly polished recreation.

This Is How An In-Sport Economic system Must Paintings

This recreation is loose to play for 10 personality ranges, then you’ve got a call to make. There are 3 variations of the sport, each and every with a unique characteristic set. For $2.99 you get the elemental Desolate tract recreation. The $three.99 Future Version you get a token enviornment, extra in-game pieces, and a couple of different sweets. The Darkish Legend model ($four.99) has all of the different stuff, however provides an extended facet quest, extra pieces, and a brand new all-fighting recreation mode known as Darkish Harvest.

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That is mainly the PC recreation fashion of deluxe editions, and it is precisely how Android video games will have to be the use of in-app purchases. Should you simply need the principle recreation, you’ll be able to avoid wasting cash. In reality like what you spot? Get the deluxe version. There aren’t any microtransactions in Reaper. The entire gold used to shop for pieces is earned from battles, and also you get a ton of it. That mentioned, the sport is balanced really well. I do not really feel adore it’s too simple, however nor is it irritating.

Why Are You Nonetheless Studying This?

This is without doubt one of the most pleasurable cellular video games I have performed. Hexage understands do cellular video games. An extended, in-depth RPG appears like a good suggestion, however how ceaselessly are you going to have an hour to sit down down together with your telephone and make development in a recreation like that? You’ll play Reaper for a couple of mins at a time and revel in each and every 2d of it. There is no ready round for pieces to be crafted, no searching within the trees for herbs, and no strolling for prolonged classes of time simply to speak with an NPC.

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You will have to completely obtain and take a look at Reaper. It’s undoubtedly price your cash even prior to you hit that degree cap.


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