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An Incredible Game With A Few Bugs To Hammer Out

Humanity came out on top in the previous Anomaly games, but apparently that was just the beginning – a test invasion, if you will. The alien towers have returned with a vengeance in Anomaly 2 and the world is a little worse for wear. In fact, we kind of lost the war. This is the backdrop for Anomaly 2, which employs the same reverse tower defense gameplay that made the original games so much fun. Is this just more of the same, or does Anomaly 2 bring something new to the table?


Even if you didn’t play one of the previous Anomaly games, you’ve probably played your fair share of tower defense titles, right? Anomaly 2 is the same basic idea, but you’re in control of the creeps instead of the towers. You’re a little more active than the average tower defense creeps, though. Your convoy of military vehicles isn’t just driving, heads down, hoping to make it to the other side before they’re all blown up – they can shoot back.


Anomaly 2 eases you into issues, slowly introducing new cars and ways. If the rest, I would say this procedure may well be a bit too sluggish, however it promises the sport is out there to these no longer accustomed to the way forward of time. You’ll be able to keep an eye on each the composition of your convoy, and the trail it takes in every degree. Bounties are awarded all through the degrees that can be utilized so as to add new gadgets, or improve current ones.

As for the gadgets at your disposal, they’re all new for this identify. Anomaly 2 is about a couple of many years sooner or later when army generation has it appears change into depending on massive robots. Now not that this can be a unhealthy factor – in reality, it is lovely cool. Each and every of the gadgets to be had within the sport has two other bureaucracy, which you’ll be able to toggle between by way of double-tapping on them. You are no longer simply switching between standard rolling factor and massive strolling robotic factor – there may be technique concerned.

Screenshot_2013-11-17-19-30-33 Screenshot_2013-11-17-20-18-53

Morphing your cars additionally adjustments their weapon mode. As an example, the fundamental Attack Hound is a workhorse unit with twin miniguns. Alternatively, it isn’t excellent at shut vary. For that, you turn over to Hell Hound mode. The unit does a bit Transformers influence and turns into a strolling mech with twin flamethrowers that do large close-range injury. It is the identical tale with the entire gadgets from the long-range Sledge Hammer tank to the Gripper Guard beef up unit – you may have to select the shape that makes probably the most sense as you’re making your method in the course of the degree.

So possibly you could have found out what the entire gadgets do, however that is simplest part the equation. You additionally want to know what the ones towers are going to do if you end up getting shut. Is that the only with the sluggish price of fireplace and are of impact injury, or the only with multi-targeting? You higher know so you’ll be able to plan your path and get your gadgets in the best mode.

So now you may have all of it down, proper? Smartly, there also are the command talents – they are like energy u.s.a.that may flip the tide of combat. Wish to restore your convoy? Drop the restore skill at the map and you can be healed as you force thru it. Desire a diversion? Use the decoy skill. You will not make it until you arrange your command talents smartly. Technique like that is much more vital in Anomaly 2 than it used to be within the unique titles, and that makes it extremely enticing.


Screenshot_2013-11-19-09-52-06 Screenshot_2013-11-18-16-38-42

There don’t seem to be too many ranges in Anomaly 2, however they are much longer than you’ll be expecting. Some would possibly take you 30 mins to overcome, so you are looking at a couple of hours of gameplay on this identify. Fortuitously, there’s a checkpoint device within the ranges. I additionally respect that the builders succeeded in blending issues up a little bit whilst adhering to the fundamentals of gameplay. As an example, there’s one level the place you’re taking on a extra defensive position of thrashing again advancing waves of towers that sprout up, transferring nearer for your facility. In every other it’s a must to seize radar dishes by way of clearing the towers, then soar a beam between them. You are nonetheless simply riding round capturing at towers, however it is a suave twist at the gameplay.

So the one participant stuff is excellent, and I had excessive hopes for the mutliplayer facet. See, you’re taking on one opponent and one among you controls the convoy (like within the sport) and the opposite builds towers. You must see who can succeed in a rating goal first, however putting off the opposite celebration. The issue, even though, is that I have never been in a position to get it operating. Anomaly 2 makes use of Google Play Video games for multiplayer, however the sport does not see to reply to the invites – it simply sits and so much without end or does not even display the correct buttons to start out the fit. I am positive the devs will kind this out, however it is nonetheless a bummer.

Stunning Graphics

Anomaly 2 is a 1.5GB obtain, which is lovely large so far as cell video games move. You could be expecting great graphics for that a lot information, and that’s the reason simply what Anomaly 2 provides. The sport is terribly spectacular to start with look, then it simplest will get extra spectacular as you get started taking part in. The textures at paintings listed here are super-detailed – the whole thing seems to be nice on the default view distance, however you’ll be able to get in nearer and notice much more element. The mechs don’t seem to be simply excellent sufficient to be convincing from some distance away. You’ll be able to stand up shut and watch the pistons at the legs transfer and the palms swing vast with guns loose.


Screenshot_2013-11-17-20-09-50 Screenshot_2013-11-19-01-59-58

Anomaly 2 makes heavy use of lights results – infrequently I would possibly say a bit too closely. 90% of the time the sparkling and flashes are used to excellent impact. Then infrequently they only blot out the map and make it onerous to stay observe of what is going on. Possibly that is by way of design because it does heighten the strain when there are numerous towers exploding, however I will’t say. You’ll be able to see a bit higher what is going on because of the blue and pink outlines round your gadgets and the enemy towers, respectively.


Screenshot_2013-11-19-02-02-44 Screenshot_2013-11-18-16-47-11 2013-11-15 21.43.30

Backside proper displays the graphical glitch at the Nexus 7 working Android four.four

This sport will tax a mid-range instrument, however the visuals appear to scale smartly on my take a look at units. The entirety is easy at the TF701T, Nexus 7 (2013), and Nexus five. Alternatively, I have spotted an extraordinary visible quirk on Android four.four. The aforementioned pink and blue outlines don’t seem to be appearing up the place they will have to, and are as an alternative floating in area. Now we have reached out to the devs, and a repair will have to be rolling out quickly.


The gameplay is more difficult in Anomaly 2 than it used to be within the earlier titles, by way of my estimation. You’ll be able to’t simply roll in the course of the ranges and weigh down the towers with drive. In case you are no longer morphing and deploying command talents, you can have problems. Selecting the proper trail too can imply the adaptation between victory and defeat.

Screenshot_2013-11-19-01-53-00 Screenshot_2013-11-20-00-41-27

Anomaly 2 is rapturously pretty, and it performs easily despite the high-end visuals. Rather then that Android four.four factor, there are not any issues of the efficiency or visuals. The busted multiplayer is nerve-racking, however the single-player sport is among the most pleasurable gaming studies I have had on a cell instrument. It is an especially horny sport, and smartly value 1.5GB of your cupboard space. It is also value $four.99 of your cash.

Anomaly 2
Anomaly 2

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