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An Action Platformer To Treasure

Being completely covered in blue (or greenish blue, whatever) fur is not enough for Leo, the protagonist fluffball in Leo’s Fortune – he also has a stylish mustache. Leo was a well-off ball of fuzz when suddenly bam. All his gold was stolen. The thief made one mistake, though. A trail of coins could lead Leo to his fortune, but only if you can navigate this lush world brimming with danger.

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At its most elementary, Leo’s Fortune is a side-scrolling platformer with a couple of physics-based puzzles. This has been finished earlier than, however the suave and frequently a laugh nature of this recreation makes it stand out. Every stage has various hindrances and traps that you simply should cope with, all of the whilst choosing up gold. You’ll be able to advance to the following stage just by completing, however there are 3 not obligatory demanding situations in each and every stage – accumulate all of the gold, do not die, and entire it in a definite time. Every goal grants you a celebrity, which mix to release particular bonus levels.

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The puzzles in Leo’s Fortune are extremely a laugh, however perhaps somewhat too simple. I to find myself getting excited when Leo intones, in his non-specific japanese Eu accessory, “Ah, it is some roughly puzzle.” You will have to transport some bins from one position to every other to turn on a lever, or use your individual mass to regulate a gadget that strikes weights round for you. It is most commonly about transferring mass from one position to every other, however there may be most often a neat twist distinctive to that segment of the sport.

It is not all puzzling in Leo’s Fortune. Some ranges are heavy on platforming and fending off bad spiky gadgets. It takes somewhat observe to regulate Leo’s near-weightless jumps, however you can get it found out. After you have at ease, you’ll be able to skip via ranges, slightly touching the bottom.

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The tale is not extraordinarily deep, nevertheless it serves as enough background around the recreation’s 20 marketing campaign ranges. A lot of the story is laid out in the beginning while you first load up Leo’s Fortune, however the recreation is in fact the usage of this chance to obtain further sources when you are occupied. That is beautiful good.


It may be tense to play a precision platformer with touchscreen controls, however Leo’s Fortune is beautiful forgiving. A small miscalculation is not at all times going to ship you tumbling into an abyss or drop you directly to a flooring of spikes. I imply, it’s going to on occasion, however it is imaginable to get better via puffing up like a balloon and maneuvering out of risk.

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You get round via sliding left and proper at the left facet of the display. Leo does not stroll, and even roll. He simply form of… is going. Dragging up at the proper part of the display inflates Leo like a seashore ball, which is largely a soar. Dragging down permits you to dive downward at an speeded up fee to depress switches and levers. Those controls additionally paintings for managing your intensity within the recreation’s underwater sections. And I will have to indicate, the underwater sections are very good (it is simple to make underwater platforming tense, simply ask Sonic).

I just like the swipe controls, however there also are buttons you’ll be able to allow. The good factor in regards to the default regulate scheme is that you’ll be able to’t leave out the buttons as a result of there don’t seem to be any. That is a pleasant factor to have in a platformer.


I need to hug Leo. He seems like the softest ball of fluff within the universe, and take into account this can be a recreation. It is in reality unbelievable how actual those graphics glance. The textures are amazingly detailed and there may be no longer a touch of aliasing to be discovered. The sensible rendering of lighting fixtures and climate upload to the enjoy immensely as smartly.

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I am additionally inspired with the efficient use of layered backgrounds and foregrounds to create a sense of intensity. It is simply probably the most polished visible reports on Android. The devs get a large thumbs up for supporting immersive mode on KitKat as smartly.

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There don’t seem to be a ton of ranges, so the environments are somewhat distinct as you progress during the recreation. You wouldn’t have a possibility to get uninterested in any specific glance or taste of traps, as a result of issues are at all times evolving. It nearly feels flawed to finish the time-trial goal in each and every stage since the wonderful, detailed environments in Leo’s Fortune are supposed to be savored.

Must You Purchase It?

Leo’s Fortune comes out the next day to come (July 10th) and can value $four.99. Thankfully, that is it. There are not any in-app purchases with which to contend. If all you care about is completing the sport, Leo’s Fortune will take a couple of hours to overcome. There is not any prohibit to the collection of occasions you’ll be able to kick the bucket, and it has best 20 ranges. The problem is available in amassing all of the stars, which isn’t simple. There could also be a hardcore mode that comes with no additional lives, so a unmarried dying begins you again in the beginning.

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Already appearing up on Android TV!

That is very as regards to the very best touchscreen platformer, so it is indubitably one thing you will have to believe choosing up. I am not too involved in regards to the quite simple puzzles, however I want there have been extra ranges in Leo’s Fortune. The sport is so insanely beautiful, I simply need extra of it. I’m hoping any individual steals the furball’s gold once more.

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