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Amazon Echo speakers take 66 percent of US smart speaker market

Kantar Worldpanel has launched the result of a brand new survey on good speaker possession in america.

It discovered that 66 p.c of householders selected an Amazon-branded speaker. The 2 most-purchased audio system are the Echo at 31 p.c and the Echo Dot at 27 p.c, whilst the others controlled just a blip. Google controlled a 30 p.c use-share with the Google House at 16 p.c, the Google House Mini at 12 p.c and the Google House Max at 2 p.c. The Sonos One were given four p.c percentage.

76 p.c of householders say they use their audio system at least one time day-to-day whilst 50 p.c use it a couple of instances an afternoon. Nonetheless, with best 34 p.c of the 1,097 respondents announcing they owned a sensible speaker, the analysis company believes there’s a lot of room to develop, specifically in encouraging customers to buy with their voice instructions — best 12 p.c of members stated they used their speaker to shop for normal pieces or order meals or a journey carrier.

Males between the ages of 72 and 82 are the biggest age-gender cross-section to proprietor a sensible speaker. For ladies, most homeowners are elderly between 21 and 26.

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