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A Mobile Shooter Loaded With An Extended Magazine Of Caveats

Like a great many developers, Gameloft has resorted to rolling in-app purchases into most of its games. One notable exception to that de facto rule is the new installment of the Modern Combat series. These games have much more production value than any other mobile first-person shooter, but this is a genre that’s notoriously hard to adapt to touchscreens. So, can a big production budget make Modern Combat 5: Blackout worth your time?


Modern Combat 4 focused on an intricate and ultimately uninteresting story about a terrorist who took every opportunity to remind us he was the bad guy through the use of torturously long cut scenes. Modern Combat 5 is still about terrorists blowing stuff up and shooting people, but there’s less time spent on an attempt to flesh out everyone’s motivation for shooting stuff. If you ask me, that’s a good thing. The story is no more compelling in MC5, but it stays out of your way more than in the last installment.

The game’s story mode takes place across six different zones including a Buddhist temple, a bustling metropolis, and a military base. Each area has 4-6 missions that advance the story, which is mostly about figuring out what these terrorists types are up to (it doesn’t really matter—you still just shoot all of them). After finishing those missions, there are a few “spec ops” levels to go through in the same zone. These are quick one-off missions that might call upon you to cover your team from a sniper perch, breach and clear a few rooms, assassinate a target, or rescue a hostage. The level design is reasonably good, and the spec ops stuff is surprisingly fun. I actually replayed some of these missions just because.

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Fashionable Battle five comprises a couple of other categories you’ll be able to play together with attack (rifles), heavy (shotguns/explosives), and sniper. No longer all categories are unlocked originally of the sport, however seeing as there are not any in-app purchases, you’ll be able to free up issues lovely simply simply by enjoying the sport. Along with the entire categories, there are a couple of weapons, attachments, and secondary guns to free up. Principally, there is a bunch of stuff and it is oh so nice not to get the arduous promote each and every 5 mins to get get entry to to it.

Some upgrades for your gadgets earned via leveling up can handiest be used within the multiplayer mode, which is lovely simple as shooters cross. You’ve gotten sport sorts like deathmatch, staff deathmatch, and seize the flag. I haven’t any actual lawsuits about multiplayer become independent from my basic gripes concerning the controls (see under), excluding for some conceivable steadiness problems in matchmaking. One plain merit for Fashionable Battle five in comparison to different multiplayer video games is that there are in truth folks enjoying it. I have misplaced observe of what number of video games I have observed with on-line elements that have been little greater than ghost cities. In Fashionable Battle five, I used to be in a position to discover a sport in an issue of seconds.

Ok, let’s communicate AI—it is nonetheless roughly dumb. I’ve but to play a shooter on Android that has spectacular AI that may keep away from making silly errors, and Fashionable Battle five continues the rage. Have a look at the picture under. See that man I am pointing my gun at? He is “in quilt,” however his head is obviously uncovered to the entire folks capturing at him. There are numerous little such things as that; enemies status nonetheless out within the open, taking quilt the place there is not any quilt, and normally making themselves simple to hit. It isn’t as egregious as some video games I have performed, however do not cross in anticipating a ton of suave AI infantrymen to flank you—they may be able to slightly organize a frontal attack.

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Shhh, I am hiding

I do have yet another ongoing worry with Fashionable Battle five, and this may well be a deal breaker for plenty of of you. You wish to have to have an web connection to play the sport—sure, even the only participant. Frankly, I will be able to’t bring to mind any just right reason why as opposed to (perhaps) fighting piracy. The sport comes with the primary zone while you obtain it, however the others are loaded while you free up them (a pleasant characteristic, in truth). So after all you want a connection for that, however I am speaking about ranges you might be recently enjoying. In the event you lose connectivity for even a second, the sport pauses and tries to reconnect. You can’t play till the server has been reached.

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The primary day I had Fashionable Battle five, it looked like the relationship used to be misplaced each and every little while. I do not know why, however there may were some problems on Gameloft’s finish. It is been higher since then, however I truly must surprise why any person concept this used to be a good suggestion. Unmarried participant video games must now not arbitrarily require an web connection.


In the event you’ve performed any of Gameloft’s earlier shooters (particularly Fashionable Battle four), you will not in finding many surprises within the controls for Fashionable Battle five. The more than a few on-screen regulate schemes depend on some association of twin thumbsticks. Drag at the left facet of the display screen to stroll ahead/backward and strafe facet to facet, and use the precise facet to attempt. Here is the place issues get bizarre—when you wish to have to fireplace, you pick out up your proper thumb and press the floating cause button. Whilst urgent this, you’ll be able to nonetheless drag round to refine your purpose, however not anything goes to make that procedure totally easy.

Fashionable Battle five has extraordinarily competitive purpose help on through default, and albeit, I will be able to’t consider enjoying this sport on a touchscreen with out it. I say this as anyone who performs numerous shooters with a keyboard/mouse and a controller. As soon as your crosshairs discover a goal, your purpose will in truth stick there, even though the enemy must run a brief distance. It is bizarre, however you can strive against with the controls sufficient even with the car aiming. Infrequently it may possibly get extremely irritating as you turn backward and forward between swiping and tapping the fireplace button, at all times feeling just a bit disconnected from the motion.

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The key is that on-screen FPS controls are awkward, however I can grant that Gameloft has performed the most efficient activity of constructing a shooter relaxing on a touchscreen. I assume it’s essential to say the controls are just right… within the context of different cell first-person shooters. If you are now not wiling to accept slightly satisfactory controls (and you should not), your very best guess is to pair a controller together with your tool. I examined Fashionable Battle five at the Nvidia Protect, which is totally supported as a controller. Maximum different HID units with the usual format must paintings too.

The use of a controller in an instant makes MC5 extra playable (you want to extend the sensitivity, although). The variation is in truth large. With touchscreen controls I think fearful and off-kilter enjoying Fashionable Battle five, however I am in an instant at house with the controller. That isn’t simply because I am used to a controller, however the precision of a bodily thumbstick is upper, and (importantly) you’ll be able to fireplace whilst aiming with out transferring your thumb from the stick.

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I think like we’ve got reached the purpose the place most likely we want to admit that FPS video games are by no means going to be nice with touchscreen controls. With a controller, Fashionable Battle five is in truth totally playable, however it is just slightly applicable at the touchscreen. This disconnect may well be most blatant through the way in which I totally destroyed the contest in on-line multiplayer mode. I believe maximum of them are enjoying with out a controller, giving me an enormous merit.


Console-like graphics, you assert? I would truly find it irresistible if everybody may just forestall announcing that. I’ve but to peer a cell sport with console-like graphics, with the conceivable exception of one of the most higher Tegra-exclusive titles, however even then it is older consoles. Fashionable Battle five seems to be just right for a cell sport, however console-like it’s not.

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The sport will default to “optimum” high quality while you set up it, however the specifics of optimum rely on your (I believe most of the lawsuits about graphics are on account of this computerized environment). At the Nexus 7, I discovered the default settings to be a bit of lackluster (the ones are the screenshots with on-screen buttons). The textures have been a bit of muddy and aliasing used to be lovely obtrusive all through gameplay. Cranking it as much as the upper high quality environment made the sport lag just a little an excessive amount of. The Protect, then again, regarded significantly better at optimum settings with progressed smoothness, lights, debris, and textures. The sport performed completely maxed out in this tool.

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Fashionable Battle five is an bold identify, to make certain. The environments are huge and open. The sport does information you kind of in a undeniable path, however you are now not closed in a tiny area, and you will not have to attend whilst new portions of the extent load. The promo video will not be indicative of the revel in you can have when enjoying Fashionable Battle five, however it is a just right taking a look sport general.


You’ll play Fashionable Battle five: Blackout on a touchscreen, however it is not a laugh. A minimum of it wasn’t a laugh for me. Even with the car aiming and beneficiant hit packing containers, I used to be repeatedly frustrated with the loss of precision. It isn’t that Gameloft stinks out loud at enforcing FPS controls on a pill or telephone, there simply don’t seem to be any just right choices. I am certain there are individuals who will disregard the awkwardness of touchscreen shooter controls, however I think like I am over that. It does not paintings really well and it by no means will with the generation we recently have. I need to play a laugh video games, and a shooter is not a laugh with on-screen controls.

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With a controller, Fashionable Battle five is a a laugh sport. The variation is so stark that I will be able to truly handiest suggest purchasing it should you intend to play with a controller.

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The tale did not truly strike me as attention-grabbing or related to the gameplay, however it kind of feels to were deemphasized this time, which I am superb with. The loss of IAPs is a complete win, although. It is refreshing to play a sport with unlockable content material that is not tied to a paywall. Sure, MC5 is a $7 sport, however you get the whole lot for that worth—and there may be numerous content material right here. So that you must imagine choosing up Gameloft’s latest shooter, however handiest if in case you have a controller or hate your self a bit of bit.

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

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